Pricing & Options Details Features Overview
  1. Airframe thoroughly checked for straightness, previous improper repairs and any hidden damage.
  2. Airframe sandblasted with 70-grit sand to remove all old paint and corrosion.
  3. Wing leading edge skins replaced as needed with new skins.
  4. Prime all steel components with epoxy primer.
  5. Stits fabric and process through the silver coat with white polyurethane finish and your choice of paint scheme and one trim color.
  6. Standard replacement of the following parts
    • Side windows, windshield, skylight
    • Floorboards, baggage floor
    • Control cables
    • Aircraft wiring
    • All removed AN hardware
    • Landing gear shock cords
    • Window channel felt
    • Wood wing tip bows
  7. CubCrafters Modifications:
    • Deluxe square instrument panel
    • Custom wide seats
    • Gray fabric interior panels
    • Aluminum map pocket
    • Aluminum headliner
  8. Fresh Annual Inspection
  9. All paperwork including weight & balance, equipment list and all FAA approvals.
  10. One year limited parts & labor warranty on our quality workmanship.
Proudly built in the U.S.A.