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How to make your Super Cub better than new.

First, it's important to distinguish between a restoration (or rebuild) and a repair. CubCrafters does both, and sometimes there is overlap on the same project. But while a repair simply brings back the proper function of an original part after it wears out, fails or is damaged, a CubCrafters restoration provides the opportunity to significantly upgrade the structure, functionality and performance of the airplane.

An ideal candidate for a CubCrafters restoration is a high time, tired old Super Cub. It has no severe structural damage, and includes all pieces, parts and an engine in airworthy condition. When you bring in your Cub, we'll carefully and thoroughly inspect it, documenting its condition before you sign the rebuild agreement. (Any necessary parts repairs and/or replacements outside the standard rebuild will be performed at normal shop rates.)

Please go to the features page to learn about the work performed during the rebuild.

Next, go to the options page to see how you can have your Cub further modified to your preferences. This is the fun part, where you get to choose everything from a new engine (including the fire-breathing 180-hp O-360-C4P) to the tailwheel assembly. This is where you decide on avionics, fuel systems, interior appointments and accessories. You'll want to be certain to make all decisions regarding these features or upgrades prior to the beginning of the project, to ensure cost and time efficiency.

Your CubCrafters representative will carefully review your order with you and confirm a start date and expected delivery date. A deposit is required to secure a place in the factory schedule and is due at the time of placing your order. The deposit is the greater of $20,000 or thirty percent of the total project cost estimate.

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