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Emergency parachute systems are now available for the Carbon Cub. The systems, developed in conjunction with BRS Aerospace, will further advance safety by allowing pilots a safe alternative in otherwise difficult emergencies.

For more information, contact your local Certified Sales Center


  • New production LSA aircraft, including the Carbon Cub SS.
    1,320 lbs gross weight (1,430 lbs. on floats)

  • Retrofit on the existing fleet of LSA Carbon Cub and Sport Cub models.
    1,320 lbs gross weight (1,430 lbs. on floats)

  • Carbon Cub EX-2 and FX experimental aircraft.
    Up to 1,865 lbs gross weight

The new BRS systems require annual inspection, a parachute repack every 6 years, and a rocket refresh every 12 years. These services, as well as installation of retrofit systems on fleet aircraft, can be performed at CubCrafters' Yakima, Washington facility and at select Authorized Service Centers

*Pricing and options subject to change without notice.
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