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340CC Engine

New for 2014:

As with every other aspect of the Carbon Cub SS, the engine choice was meticulously scrutinized for weight savings and performance, alongside essentials such as reliability, safety and economy.

Toward those ends, CubCrafters worked closely with ECi, of San Antonio, Texas, developing the 340CC engine. The TITAN® 340CC engine is fully certified to ASTM standards for Light Sport Aircraft

Just as Carbon Cub aircraft are modern updates of the classic Piper Super Cub, the 340CC is a thoroughly modern version of the venerable Lycoming designs that have successfully powered Cubs for many decades. Therefore, any mechanic trained in the repair and maintenance of Lycoming is equally qualified to work on the 340CC.

Modern updates include dual electronic ignitions (no heavy magnetos) and lightweight accessory components. In addition, an innovative cooling plenum more efficiently directs airflow to the cylinders and oil cooler. CubCrafters created a new, less restrictive 4-into-1 exhaust design that weighs just 6.2 pounds (half that of comparable systems). The alternator mount was modified to fit closer to the crankshaft, making the belt shorter and lighter.

The result is an engine that weighs less than 250 pounds, and is rated at 180 horsepower for takeoff and climb, and 80 horsepower for continuous power settings. At cruise power, fuel consumption is as low as five gallons per hour. Used as specified, the engine has a 2,400-hour TBO.

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Proudly built in the U.S.A.