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The Carbon Cub EX-2 kit is divided into three sub-kits. Each sub kit comes with everything needed to finish that kit. The complete airframe should be ready to cover in only a few weeks.

With these three kits, you will have everything needed except FWF (the prop, engine, airbox, baffles, exhaust, etc.), and what is in the instrument panel. We offer these components at a competitive cost as options. The paint and tools are not included in our kits.

You will save hundreds of hours of "shopping" time and the frustration of ordering small components that don't fit, or don't work once you get them and try them. Our complete kits are engineered to go together quickly and if you use our recommended engine/prop components, you will get the results and the performance you see in our demo aircraft. Everything included in our kits has been tried and tested, fully compliant with the ASTM F2245-07 for building and certifying light aircraft.

The fuselage, landing gear, wing struts and all structural components have been tested to a design load of 4 Gs positive, and 2 Gs negative. In addition, we have taken these items to 6 Gs for the required 3 seconds to assure a 50% "ultimate strength". Rest assured that we have fully tested both the structural integrity and the flight characteristics of the Carbon Cub EX-2 so you don't have to be a test pilot to know how the airplane will perform.

Fuselage Kit

The fuselage kit includes a powder coated fuselage that is ready to attach parts to. The floorboards are gel-coated composite parts that need no painting... they are ready to fit and install. You will install the rudder pedals, torque tube, master cylinders and parking brakes on the floorboards, and then install the complete floorboard assembly to the fuselage with 20 screws. The stringers are attached with extremely strong Methacrylate adhesive. They are installed in a couple of hours. When the fuel system, control cables, boot cowl, and firewall are installed, the fuselage will be ready to go to the cover shop...

Carbon Cub EX-2 Fuselage Kit - $25,000


Wing Kit

The wing kit includes everything needed to assemble the wings, flaps, ailerons, and fuel tanks. Every nut and washer, screw and component part is in the kit. The ribs are a three piece design that enable the builder to assemble the center sections with the spars prior to attaching the nose ribs or trailing edge ribs. This allows the basic structure to support itself as the builder attaches the various parts. The process is fast and easy. Leading edges are pre-bent, and attach to the ribs with pull rivets. While increasing the strength, the number of parts in our wing has be reduced by 50% when compared to the Piper design, and the build time is less than half because of the simplicity of the design.

Carbon Cub EX-2 Wing Kit - $25,000

P/N: CCK-WING-1865

Finishing Kit

The finishing kit includes everything that doesn't come in the first two kits, less the paint, batteries, ELT, engine, the instruments, avionics, and the FWF. It includes: the engine cowl, engine mount, windows, control cables, gel coated interior panels, seats with standard upholstery, standard shoulder harnesses and seat belts, flap handle and flap attaching components, instrument panel, landing gear system, tailwheel and tail spring, 6:00 x 6 tires and tubes, fuel gauges, and wing struts.

Carbon Cub EX-2 Finishing Kit - $25,000

Specifications, available options, and pricing effective March 1, 2016 - Subject to change without notice.
Proudly built in the U.S.A.