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Simply the best Cub kit available.

  • Nearly 300 pounds lighter and much stronger than an equivalent Super Cub.
  • Half the parts of a Super Cub means half the build time. Ready to cover in as few as 200 hours.
  • Compatible with engines up to 180 horsepower (!) while still qualifying as a Light Sport.*
  • Fuselage is four inches wider and the door is 50% larger for significantly increased comfort.
  • Absolutely complete airframe kit, including every necessary nut, bolt and washer.
  • Includes covering materials.
  • An excellent choice for the first-time builder.

*The builder is legal to fly the Carbon Cub EX as a "Light Sport" pilot as long as the kit is certified at a maximum weight of 1,320 lbs. Our kit was tested to ASTM standards at a gross weight of 1,865 lbs. If you decide to set the gross weight at 1,865 lbs, you will not be allowed to fly as a "Light Sport" pilot; and you will need a medical and a private pilots license.


CubCrafters has received notification from the Federal Aviation Administration that their National Kit Evaluation Team had completed its evaluation of CubCrafters' Carbon Cub EX amateur-built aircraft kit. Completion of this process means the FAA has evaluated the Carbon Cub EX and that the aircraft has been added to the list of eligible Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits on the FAA website. The list is provided as a service to prospective builders researching kit options.

You can build the airplane that at the 2007 Valdez STOL
contest took off in nineteen feet

That is not a misprint. That is the demonstrated public performance of the Carbon Cub Prototype. The Carbon Cub EX is the airframe kit of that same extraordinary airplane.

The Carbon Cub EX is a wonderfully versatile and rewarding kit project. It's simple and complete enough for even the first-time builder, who can precisely tailor the aircraft to his or her personal preferences.

The EX is delivered with absolutely every part necessary for assembly of the airframe. Thanks to CubCrafters proprietary technology, this completely redesigned fuselage is significantly lighter, much stronger and safer than a stock Super Cub airframe. In addition, it is wider, for enhanced comfort and increased storage capacity.

To this superior framework can be added your choice of a long list of options, including the awe-inspiring 180-horsepower CC340 engine.

Since the airframe is so lightweight, you have the choice of easily staying under the 1,320 pound maximum weight for the Light Sport category. (For example, with the Continental 100 HP engine installed, the empty weight is only about 845 pounds, leaving a useful load figure of 475 pounds.) This translates to very economical operation, with fuel economy of just four or five gallons of fuel per hour under normal power settings.

Of course, other options let you create a bush pilot's dream machine, with up to 1,865 pounds of gross weight and a useful load of up to 1,000 pounds, while retaining astonishing STOL performance. (Exceeding the Light Sport weight limit will require the pilot to possess a private pilot's license.)


Safety is a top priority in the design and construction of the Carbon Cub EX. The aircraft is inherently safer due to its extraordinarily slow stall speed. To the fundamentally sound wing shape we've added a line of vortex generators, which significantly increase low speed maneuverability, further enhancing safety.

The airframe, while lightweight, is super-strong, and forms a protective cage around the occupants. It has been tested to 1865lbs X 4G's + 50%. And while a lot of experimental aircraft have been tested via computer simulations alone, CubCrafters instead tests using lead weights and hydraulic pressure. CubCrafters also tests using the same test scenario used in FAA certified testing.

In the cabin, the reinforced harness attach points are actually the strongest parts of the airframe. Even the pilot's carbon fiber seat was designed for protection as well as comfort. The latest, 2nd generation Amsafe airbag harnesses are available as an option.


The Carbon Cub EX is a POWERFUL airplane. It has no equal in takeoff and landing performance, takeoff in two or three lengths of the airplane when you are light, and four of five at gross weight! Speaking of performance, this plane will climb at over 2,100 feet per minute at sea level and still be climbing at over 1,100 feet per minute at 10,000 feet. Level off at 7,500 feet in less than 5 minutes after takeoff! Cruise at 126mph even with 29" tundra tires. The fun factor is off the chart. Whether flying around the patch, camping, or more serious flying, the Carbon Cub EX will always deliver!

Carbon Cub EX Benefits:

  • 950 lb empty weight and 1865 lb gross weight with 180hp
  • Many upgrade options and completion kits are available
  • Build a kit using the same technique used by the factory, save time and money
  • Buy individual kits or all the aircraft components at once
  • Every kit and sub kit comes complete with all necessary components and hardware
  • Covering materials are included in the kit
*A gross weight limit of 1,320 lbs on wheels or 1,430 lbs on floats applies to all LSA aircraft.
Proudly built in the U.S.A.